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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lesbian Disney

Just for funsies, we thought we'd post a couple photos from Rodolfo Loaiza's painting exhibition, Disasterland, which takes our favorite, sweet, innocent, loveable Disney characters and puts them in some rather R-rated or not-for-children's-eyes situations. Some of them are completely harmless (Alice wearing a Kurt Cobain shirt, Peter Pan dressed as Michael Jackson - I actually really like that one!) but some of them can be kind of horrific and not for the faint of heart (drunk Snow White, Cinderella's crotch shot).  While others were just plain fun!  For us, anyway.  Case in point, check out the pics below of Ursula and my favorite Disney villain, Maleficent gettin' their mack on.  And even better??? Belle (whom I adore) and Princess Jasmine kissing in all their sapphic glory. Which leads me to think that maybe it's finally time for a lesbian Disney princess! Who wants to take bets on when THAT'S gonna happen?


  1. omg these are so fun! I'm going have to look up the rest of his stuff!

  2. i like this one too!


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