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Thursday, October 25, 2012

We have so much to catch up on!

Hey all! Long time, no post—right? I (Alli) have been ridiculously busy with starting a new chapter in my life, preparing to move, and finishing up my 2nd degree. Even writing it all out is exhausting. Sheesh. Anyway, I felt the need to do a quick update because I know Anna is super busy, too. Plus, we have a lot of exciting gayness to catch up on!

Glee’s Break-Up

Holy depressing. I honestly thought Santana and Brittany were going to be the couple that pulled through the break up, but no, all of the main couples (aside from Will and Emma—which might still happen) split. Is the break up forever? Probably not…but it was still sad. Remember that first love? And that first heart break? Ugh. Me too. It blows. It double blows that we had to wait so freakin’ long for some on-screen sweet lady kisses for the last 3 seasons and then we get an abundance of them for the break up.  However, now that the Band-Aid has been ripped off I would love to see some new developments with the characters and different love interests. I was never really sold on the whole Brittana thing, anyway. I mean, I love them because they represent us and are hot and sing and dance all sexy-like, but honestly, let’s get them new girlfriends and thicker storylines! We all know they’ll end up back together in the end, anyway.

On a side note, this cover of Coldplay’s The Scientist is awesome sauce.

Pretty Little Liars

The Halloween episode was this week, and if you could get past the bad acting on Lucy Hale’s part, it was pretty spooky! We didn’t get to find out who exactly is helping Mona and Toby and the rest of the A team, but we may or may not have witnessed the discovery of Ali’s body.  And, Garrett was murdered! And here I thought he was in on it the whole time. We also found out (which doesn’t seem to surprise too many of the avid fans on the forums) that Aria’s dad, Byron, has something to do with the night that Ali was murdered.

And it never fails that ABC Family will deliver us some lesbian cuteness and Emily/Paige adorableness. If you haven’t seen the gush-worthy scene when Emily and Paige sneak into a private train car to talk about how in love they are and kiss each other’s faces off, then do yourself a favor and watch now:

I’m not sure what the deal with the hand coming of the ground Carrie-style is, but I sure hope it’s not turning into a supernatural show…because that would be so lame. My guess is the same as most people’s on the forums; that being that Ali’s twin is totally messing with the girls and the original story (as it is in the books, too).

Skins…that’s right, SKINS IS BACK!

Well, not completely back but back enough to make us happy! Skins series 7 is going to feature characters from generations one and two from the show (there were three generations total with 2 seasons each). There will be two 1 hour episodes per character and each episode will also focus on other characters. All I know about it so far is that there will be two Cook eps, two Cassie eps, and two Effy eps.

Now here comes the GREAT news: Naomi and Emily will be featured in Effy’s episodes! According to its BIG time featured…like we might get to see some intimate or sexual scenes (fingers crossed!). I’m so freaking excited that I literally squealed when I found out. I would give up my entire lesbian movie collection (which is only like 8 movies) for a season of ONLY Emily and Naomi.

American Horror Story

Oh, Ryan Murphy….you wonderfully genius gay man you. Truth be told, I’m more addicted to AHS than Glee. There. I said it. I don’t regret it. I love me some scary movies/shows. The first series of AHS was spooky and wonderfully acted, yes. But already this season I am floored by how scary and brilliant it is. It’s a totally different show (the seasons are un-related), but still has a lot of the same actors—which is nice to see. Also, this season started out with one of my favorite things:  a lesbian couple! And, not just a lesbian couple…but a lesbian couple portrayed by two openly gay actresses. My head just exploded.

Sarah Paulson (gorgeous.) and Clea DuVall (beautiful.) play Lana and Wendy—a couple that lives together but hides their relationship for fear of Wendy losing her teaching job. It’s amazing to me that this storyline takes place in 1964 and I find myself in that same predicament today…in 2012. Kind of pathetic, really. Dear World, evolve faster. Love, Me.

Anyway, in true Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk fashion, the couple splits at the end of the first episode under incredibly depressing (and demented) terms. But it really looks like Paulson’s character (Lana) is going to have a really in-depth storyline this season so be sure to tune into the FX show if you haven’t already.

2012 Election

Now, on to some non-fiction current events. This election is really starting to irritate me. I see more and more Romney Ryan signs popping up every day. I also have 18 Facebook friends who ‘like’ Mitt Romney….why am I friends with these people!? Romney is degrading to gays, women, and even Big Bird. Quite frankly, the fact that he has a fighting chance makes me want to scream.

I’m totally jumping on the LGBT for Obama train and hopefully riding it all the way to 2016.

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