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Friday, November 16, 2012

Glee-Cap: Glease

Hey all. Anna here with your weekly Glee-Cap! It's about damn time, right? Anyway, here we go:
Anna's Take:
 What I Loved:
Brittany: “I'm really glad you came back to play Rizzo. I feel bad for Mercedes, but if her parents want her to be a boy then I guess it makes sense. I miss you.”
Santana: “I miss you too. The only reason I agreed to do this play was that I could see you again.”
Brittany: “Well, I'm not dating anybody new. Boy or girl.”
Santana: “Britt, we talked about this. And it would be fine if you were. I'm glad that you're not.”
 Brittany: “You have to think of something that makes you really sad. Like how we’re not together anymore. It still hurts a little bit. Especially on Fridays because that was our date night.”

I honestly wasn’t expecting such a sweet Brittana scene. It was quite a pleasant surprise. I was so afraid that they would just gloss over their whole storyline and they actually gave us a scene, so thank you, Glee writers. And it was actually done really well. It made me swoon while leaving me wanting so much more, especially during that moment when Santana looked over at Brit during her “But to cry in front of you, that’s the worst thing I could do” line. Way to tug at our heartstrings!
And I also really loved the end during “You’re the One That I Want” when Rachel was seeing all the old gang from high school dancing on stage as couples. It was kind of emotional because it was her "loss of innocence" moment. She realized that there really was no going back. And most of the things you knew so well in high school will stay in high school and not follow you into the future... especially old relationships.  So based on this scene and last night’s episode, I'm pretty much convinced that the only couple that has a chance of getting back together will be Kurt and Blaine. And I actually felt bad for Blaine last night. It’s rare, but it happens. But I’m also proud of Kurt for standing his ground. After all, Blaine DID cheat on him. He SHOULD feel bad.
And I’m sorry for those of you who are hell bent on the idea that Brittana will be a couple again. As much as I’d love for that to happen, I’m starting to lose faith in the idea. But I’m so glad that they’re still able to be friends and I love the tension between them. It kinda titillates us. But if they do get back together, I’d want them to experience other relationships first, so they can get a fresh perspective on their lives and their relationship. It’s so rare to end up with your first love…at least not without trying different relationships first. I really would love to see Santana explore a new relationship with a girl at college (not the girl in the library, obvi). Or have her move to New York and meet a girl there. That would be so great to see. And if Brittana ends up back together after all that, we’ll know they were meant to be. As poorly as they handled Santana’s storyline and the lack of Brittana screen time and meaty dialogue, I DO think they got it right in this sense. There’s still something there between them and we all feel it. But they need to find out who they are individually before really delving in together as a couple. Especially since they’re living so far apart.
Oh, and I also loved Sugar as Frenchie. Perfect casting.

What I didn’t like:
Poor Tina got shafted yet again. I know it’s the running joke of Glee, but it’s not really funny. I hope Tina eventually gets her moment in the sun. I mean, I guess she WAS the only one who sort of got back together with her high school sweetheart while all the other couples are flailing, so good on ya, Tina!
Blake as Ryder. He’s the new Finn. So-so voice, bad dancing and zero charisma. I have no interest in him. I ship Jarley in that triangle. And “Greased Lightening” made me cringe. It was bad. I think it was probably the censored lyrics. “She’s a really honey wagon?” Really? “You know that ain’t no crap, you’ll be gettin’ lots of that.” REALLY?
Kitty. Everything about her. She had some really funny lines that had me LOL-ing, but trying to make someone bulimic? That’s far beyond even what MY high school tormenter did. I know she’s supposed to be a caricature, but it’s rubbing me the wrong way. Wanky.
Finn. By now, you probably know my stance on Finn, so no comment necessary.
Alli's Two Cents:
I really loved the singing in this episode. I loved that they took liberties with some of them, and then stayed true to the others. I agree that the Rachel scene where she sees herself and the others performing on stage was the most powerful of the episode. I really loved how they captured the brutal honesty of growing up and moving on--usually without the people you loved the most. I liked that Brittany/Santana got some screen time but it all seems very moot now. They don't have the chemistry they used to and it's clear that there is that division between the college and high school kids. Glee is supposed to be a high school show so I think that's where it should stay. I could totally see Rachel and Kurt (and Santana, obvi) rocking an awesome spin-off about growing up and establishing yourself in the world. And then just bringing in new characters and fresh faces every few years Skins-style for Glee. That way, Quinn could come back for the spin-off. I miss me some Quinn. Ugh, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk just need to hire me as a writer. I'm too brilliant to be stifled :)

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