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Friday, November 16, 2012

Glee-Cap: Glease

Hey all. Anna here with your weekly Glee-Cap! It's about damn time, right? Anyway, here we go:
Anna's Take:
 What I Loved:
Brittany: “I'm really glad you came back to play Rizzo. I feel bad for Mercedes, but if her parents want her to be a boy then I guess it makes sense. I miss you.”
Santana: “I miss you too. The only reason I agreed to do this play was that I could see you again.”
Brittany: “Well, I'm not dating anybody new. Boy or girl.”
Santana: “Britt, we talked about this. And it would be fine if you were. I'm glad that you're not.”
 Brittany: “You have to think of something that makes you really sad. Like how we’re not together anymore. It still hurts a little bit. Especially on Fridays because that was our date night.”

I honestly wasn’t expecting such a sweet Brittana scene. It was quite a pleasant surprise. I was so afraid that they would just gloss over their whole storyline and they actually gave us a scene, so thank you, Glee writers. And it was actually done really well. It made me swoon while leaving me wanting so much more, especially during that moment when Santana looked over at Brit during her “But to cry in front of you, that’s the worst thing I could do” line. Way to tug at our heartstrings!
And I also really loved the end during “You’re the One That I Want” when Rachel was seeing all the old gang from high school dancing on stage as couples. It was kind of emotional because it was her "loss of innocence" moment. She realized that there really was no going back. And most of the things you knew so well in high school will stay in high school and not follow you into the future... especially old relationships.  So based on this scene and last night’s episode, I'm pretty much convinced that the only couple that has a chance of getting back together will be Kurt and Blaine. And I actually felt bad for Blaine last night. It’s rare, but it happens. But I’m also proud of Kurt for standing his ground. After all, Blaine DID cheat on him. He SHOULD feel bad.
And I’m sorry for those of you who are hell bent on the idea that Brittana will be a couple again. As much as I’d love for that to happen, I’m starting to lose faith in the idea. But I’m so glad that they’re still able to be friends and I love the tension between them. It kinda titillates us. But if they do get back together, I’d want them to experience other relationships first, so they can get a fresh perspective on their lives and their relationship. It’s so rare to end up with your first love…at least not without trying different relationships first. I really would love to see Santana explore a new relationship with a girl at college (not the girl in the library, obvi). Or have her move to New York and meet a girl there. That would be so great to see. And if Brittana ends up back together after all that, we’ll know they were meant to be. As poorly as they handled Santana’s storyline and the lack of Brittana screen time and meaty dialogue, I DO think they got it right in this sense. There’s still something there between them and we all feel it. But they need to find out who they are individually before really delving in together as a couple. Especially since they’re living so far apart.
Oh, and I also loved Sugar as Frenchie. Perfect casting.

What I didn’t like:
Poor Tina got shafted yet again. I know it’s the running joke of Glee, but it’s not really funny. I hope Tina eventually gets her moment in the sun. I mean, I guess she WAS the only one who sort of got back together with her high school sweetheart while all the other couples are flailing, so good on ya, Tina!
Blake as Ryder. He’s the new Finn. So-so voice, bad dancing and zero charisma. I have no interest in him. I ship Jarley in that triangle. And “Greased Lightening” made me cringe. It was bad. I think it was probably the censored lyrics. “She’s a really honey wagon?” Really? “You know that ain’t no crap, you’ll be gettin’ lots of that.” REALLY?
Kitty. Everything about her. She had some really funny lines that had me LOL-ing, but trying to make someone bulimic? That’s far beyond even what MY high school tormenter did. I know she’s supposed to be a caricature, but it’s rubbing me the wrong way. Wanky.
Finn. By now, you probably know my stance on Finn, so no comment necessary.
Alli's Two Cents:
I really loved the singing in this episode. I loved that they took liberties with some of them, and then stayed true to the others. I agree that the Rachel scene where she sees herself and the others performing on stage was the most powerful of the episode. I really loved how they captured the brutal honesty of growing up and moving on--usually without the people you loved the most. I liked that Brittany/Santana got some screen time but it all seems very moot now. They don't have the chemistry they used to and it's clear that there is that division between the college and high school kids. Glee is supposed to be a high school show so I think that's where it should stay. I could totally see Rachel and Kurt (and Santana, obvi) rocking an awesome spin-off about growing up and establishing yourself in the world. And then just bringing in new characters and fresh faces every few years Skins-style for Glee. That way, Quinn could come back for the spin-off. I miss me some Quinn. Ugh, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk just need to hire me as a writer. I'm too brilliant to be stifled :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Save Brittana

Greetings and salutations! Anna has come back from the dead! Well, not from the dead, but from the crazy hectic month she just had. I had a trial period working at a very popular entertainment news website/tv show. And during that time, I essentially had no life. It was looooong days, a long commute and constant stress. Which is why I opted to turn down the offer for a full time position. So...onward and upward!

Maybe now I'll have a bit more time for some good ol' fashioned gay blogging! I know there's been a lack of Glee-caps, but lez be honest here, we all know it's because of the serious lack of Santana. And then they had to go and break her and Brittany up. Seriously? Ugh! So for now, we would like to share with you this incredibly moving video tribute dedicated to Brittana and depicting numerous fans involved in the "Save Brittana Project." This touching video is solid proof of the sign of the times we live in. Ten years ago, there was no YouTube. There were no fan videos. There were letter writing campaigns. And general bitching and moaning over the loss of your favorite show or character or couple. Had the power of social media been around in 2002, you can be t your ass that we would have been all over that shit, fighting to save "Once and Again" and our beloved Jessie and Katie (Evan Rachel Wood and Mischa Barton.) We had no way of quickly connecting to the creators, writers and producers of the show. But now that twitter exists, fans can Tweet Ryan Murphy at the drop of a hate to express their disdain for the direction in which they have taken Brittana. It's pretty incredible. Congrats to everyone involved in this "Save Brittana" video. It turned out beautifully.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

We have so much to catch up on!

Hey all! Long time, no post—right? I (Alli) have been ridiculously busy with starting a new chapter in my life, preparing to move, and finishing up my 2nd degree. Even writing it all out is exhausting. Sheesh. Anyway, I felt the need to do a quick update because I know Anna is super busy, too. Plus, we have a lot of exciting gayness to catch up on!

Glee’s Break-Up

Holy depressing. I honestly thought Santana and Brittany were going to be the couple that pulled through the break up, but no, all of the main couples (aside from Will and Emma—which might still happen) split. Is the break up forever? Probably not…but it was still sad. Remember that first love? And that first heart break? Ugh. Me too. It blows. It double blows that we had to wait so freakin’ long for some on-screen sweet lady kisses for the last 3 seasons and then we get an abundance of them for the break up.  However, now that the Band-Aid has been ripped off I would love to see some new developments with the characters and different love interests. I was never really sold on the whole Brittana thing, anyway. I mean, I love them because they represent us and are hot and sing and dance all sexy-like, but honestly, let’s get them new girlfriends and thicker storylines! We all know they’ll end up back together in the end, anyway.

On a side note, this cover of Coldplay’s The Scientist is awesome sauce.

Pretty Little Liars

The Halloween episode was this week, and if you could get past the bad acting on Lucy Hale’s part, it was pretty spooky! We didn’t get to find out who exactly is helping Mona and Toby and the rest of the A team, but we may or may not have witnessed the discovery of Ali’s body.  And, Garrett was murdered! And here I thought he was in on it the whole time. We also found out (which doesn’t seem to surprise too many of the avid fans on the forums) that Aria’s dad, Byron, has something to do with the night that Ali was murdered.

And it never fails that ABC Family will deliver us some lesbian cuteness and Emily/Paige adorableness. If you haven’t seen the gush-worthy scene when Emily and Paige sneak into a private train car to talk about how in love they are and kiss each other’s faces off, then do yourself a favor and watch now:

I’m not sure what the deal with the hand coming of the ground Carrie-style is, but I sure hope it’s not turning into a supernatural show…because that would be so lame. My guess is the same as most people’s on the forums; that being that Ali’s twin is totally messing with the girls and the original story (as it is in the books, too).

Skins…that’s right, SKINS IS BACK!

Well, not completely back but back enough to make us happy! Skins series 7 is going to feature characters from generations one and two from the show (there were three generations total with 2 seasons each). There will be two 1 hour episodes per character and each episode will also focus on other characters. All I know about it so far is that there will be two Cook eps, two Cassie eps, and two Effy eps.

Now here comes the GREAT news: Naomi and Emily will be featured in Effy’s episodes! According to its BIG time featured…like we might get to see some intimate or sexual scenes (fingers crossed!). I’m so freaking excited that I literally squealed when I found out. I would give up my entire lesbian movie collection (which is only like 8 movies) for a season of ONLY Emily and Naomi.

American Horror Story

Oh, Ryan Murphy….you wonderfully genius gay man you. Truth be told, I’m more addicted to AHS than Glee. There. I said it. I don’t regret it. I love me some scary movies/shows. The first series of AHS was spooky and wonderfully acted, yes. But already this season I am floored by how scary and brilliant it is. It’s a totally different show (the seasons are un-related), but still has a lot of the same actors—which is nice to see. Also, this season started out with one of my favorite things:  a lesbian couple! And, not just a lesbian couple…but a lesbian couple portrayed by two openly gay actresses. My head just exploded.

Sarah Paulson (gorgeous.) and Clea DuVall (beautiful.) play Lana and Wendy—a couple that lives together but hides their relationship for fear of Wendy losing her teaching job. It’s amazing to me that this storyline takes place in 1964 and I find myself in that same predicament today…in 2012. Kind of pathetic, really. Dear World, evolve faster. Love, Me.

Anyway, in true Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk fashion, the couple splits at the end of the first episode under incredibly depressing (and demented) terms. But it really looks like Paulson’s character (Lana) is going to have a really in-depth storyline this season so be sure to tune into the FX show if you haven’t already.

2012 Election

Now, on to some non-fiction current events. This election is really starting to irritate me. I see more and more Romney Ryan signs popping up every day. I also have 18 Facebook friends who ‘like’ Mitt Romney….why am I friends with these people!? Romney is degrading to gays, women, and even Big Bird. Quite frankly, the fact that he has a fighting chance makes me want to scream.

I’m totally jumping on the LGBT for Obama train and hopefully riding it all the way to 2016.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Glee-Cap: Season 4, Episodes 1 - 3

Yes, yes. We know! It’s been quite a while since we’ve updated our blog and we 100% apologize for that. Things have just been crazy lately. Alli is bogged down with work stuff and trying to get her schedule organized so she can continue making us all laugh with her pithy musings about “Glee” and “Pretty Little Liars” (when it returns). And I have been…well…for lack of a better word: depressed. It’s just been difficult to be motivated lately since my life took somewhat of a dramatic turn a few months ago. It’s just been a little difficult finding the spark and the drive for things I once loved. I’m slowly getting back into it all. Baby steps.

We are very sorry that our Glee-caps have fallen by the wayside, so I thought I’d catch you all up on our thoughts about season 4 thus far. Especially before we get to the dramatic “Break-up Episode.” (On a side note, I think another reason we’ve been lacking on the Glee-caps is because there has been a seriously lack of Santana Lopez so far. But we’ll get into that shortly.)  Let me start off by saying what we like about this season so far:

What we like:

Rachel. Rachel. Rachel.
I’ll be the first to admit it: I was NEVER a Rachel fan. She was annoying and shrill and oversang everything while looking like she was going to swallow my head whole. But I gotta say: I am LOVING the new Rachel! Well, actually she’s pretty much the same Rachel only in a new setting and without Finn schlepping about, bringing her down. I think it’s the new setting and the Finn-ectomy that’s got me all riled up about her. Well…that and the fact that somehow she got ten times hotter over the summer. That performance of “Oops I Did It Again” in the Britney 2.0 episode was seriously smoking. And I’m liking this new boy. Much better than Finn (sorry Finchel fans) and pretty damn hot. 

We love the new girl! She’s cute and fun and real. She’s not a caricature like a lot of the other Glee members and that’s what makes her so relatable. She also has a great voice. We’re not-so-secretly hoping that she’s gay (because that's what we do. We want to make everyone gay!), but since the sparks are flying with Jake, it doesn’t look too likely. (Am I the only one that thinks it’s cute that they are Jake and Marley? Like in “A Christmas Carol?” Scrooge’s old partner, Jacob Marley. Did I just reveal my nerdiness? I probably did. I think their couple nickname should be Dickens.)

New York
The change of scenery is a breath of fresh air for this show. Now all we need is for Santana to move there! New York will get a hell of a lot more sexy.

Brittany getting lots of screen time

What We Don't Like: 

No Santana
Epic sad face. Where in the actual fuck is Santana Lopez? I need my weekly fix of Naya Rivera to keep myself from getting the shakes and they are hiding her from me. That is NOT very nice. I know she’ll be in episode 4, but still. Three full episodes with no Santana? I’m sorry, but that 7-second Skype scene did NOT count. No wit. No insults. No Snix. No sweet lady kisses. And it is just not fair to have Brittany talk about scissoring. What a tease! So cruel. This season of Glee will not be complete until I see my Snix. They are really making  a stupid move by not having Naya in every single episode. This girl CARRIED seasons 2 and 3 and I know she was the only reason lots of people still watched the show. And this is how they treat her? Not a smart move. They are upsetting all the Santana fans, particularly me.

Brittany being a downer
Booooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart broke for her in the Britney 2.0 episode when she was waiting for Santana to sign on to Skype. The poor girl. Sad Brittany makes me sad.

Sam being dumb
What is going on here? Sam was always kind of a dork with his impressions and whatnot, but he was never dumb. In the two seasons we’ve known him, he hasn’t really given off any clue that he was an airhead. So why would they all of a sudden make him dumb? You can’t just change a character’s intelligence level. It doesn’t work like that and it’s completely distracting and makes me lose faith in the writers.

We don’t like her. We don’t need her. Quinn Fabray, she is NOT. We already have way too many characters on the show. Why don’t they clean house, starting with her?

My apologies to those who like this character, but every time Alex Newell is on screen, it drives me bonkers. This kid cannot act! Like, at all. And it drives me crazy and it’s all I can focus on and it takes me out of the story. I know it’s Glee and all, but he is too much of an overactor. Not a fan.

So this is pretty much the abridge version of how we feel about season for of Glee. It has its good moments and its bad moments, like every season. I guess time will tell how it will play out, but I know for a fact I’m going to have tissues ready for Thursday’s break-up episode. In the meantime, we will be dreaming of sweet lady kisses….and maybe a little more.

Can we please see this very soon?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Sneak Peek Into the World of Alli and Anna

We like to think of ourselves as Eddy and Patsy from "Absolutely Fabulous." The ginger and the blonde.

So while we are anxiously awaiting Glee’s premiere, we wanted to share with you just a tiny sample of what we talk about during our many, many Facebook chats. Mind you, this has been going on for years and we never seem to run out of things to talk about. For this conversation, we were on the subject of v-cards which somehow turned to the topic of marriage. Just a warning: some of the following is sickeningly sweet. You can thank Alli for that.

Alli: I wish I would have lost mine to *Hands. Of course, then I would always wonder, I think. I’m the type who wonders. Hands doesn’t wonder.

Anna: At least you lost yours to a girl. I would always wonder, too. But you and I both know we won’t do any better than *Hands and *Punchie. But it’s hard not to wonder just a little bit.

Alli: I think I will always wonder. But I know not to mess this up over curiosity. I’m going to marry Hands. And make gay babies with her. And I know it’s right because the thought of it doesn’t scare me at all. Not even a little.

Anna: Well good for you! You know I have the fear, but it obviously comes from my failed marriage. I’m terrified of feeling trapped like I did with Mark. But I know what I have with Punchie is a completely different situation.

Alli: It is…but you have every right to be nervous. I can picture Hands and me ten years from now. Mid-thirties. We have a house and two or three kids and we come home exhausted at the end of the day and argue over who has to make supper or who has to give the kids a bath. We talk about how tired we are and what co-workers are giving us problems.

Anna: Now THAT’S a life. I love that.

Alli: And then we lay on separate couches and watch our shows…and after we put the kids to bed, we snuggle in with each other. It’s perfect. And it’s exactly how it’ll be.

Anna: That sounds beautiful. I love it. Okay, I gotta get going. Off work now. Gotta meet Sophie [singer friend].

Alli: Oooh for what? For what! You’re with her a lot now. Is she singing at your wedding? Can she sing at mine? Haha. A song about shoes, preferably. Lesbians in shoes. Damn it, answer me!

Anna: Dude, I’m sorry. I’ll be back on in a bit.

Alli: Okay, now we’re fighting. You owe me an explanation later. Peace out, home slice.

Anna: Gotta go. Don’t be mad. My boss was talking to me! Like over my shoulder!!

Alli: I’M YOUR BOSS! I’m the boss of you. Okay, go.

Anna: Kbye.

This conversation came AFTER the fact that Alli scared the shit out of me by texting me that she and Hands had broken up. I came so close to hopping a flight so I could smack some sense into both of them. Then, she revealed that they were messing with me (as they often do) and were laughing about it. The bastards. But I gasped so loud at the text, I woke up Punchie. She agrees that they are ass hats.

Another interesting tidbit about Alli and Anna: according to Facebook, there have been over 28,000 messages exchanged between us. This is over a span of 5 years, mind you, but considering that most of our messages in the beginning were from emails, I think it speaks volumes. We’re thinking that maybe it might be time for us to meet. We’re planning for a St. Patrick’s day meet-up in Chicago, but really…who knows? But we both agreed we would meet each other before each of us get married. Because how awkward would it be for our first meeting to be at one of our weddings? Weird, right?

So we’re planning on a double date weekend in Chicago with our girlfriends. Here’s hoping!

In reality, we're more like "Grumpy Old Men" with all our bickering.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Some Gay News For You!

Sighs galore. So much gay news to spread! Let’s start with Michelle Obama words at the DNC, shall we?

"If proud Americans can be who they are and boldly stand at the altar with who they love, then surely, surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great American Dream." Also: "Barack knows the American Dream because he's lived it ... and he wants everyone in this country to have that same opportunity, no matter who we are, or where we're from, or what we look like, or who we love."

“We have something in common.  But whether it’s passing hate crimes legislation or refusing to defend DOMA; whether it’s ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” or ensuring that -yes, yes or ensuring that people can be at their loved one’s hospital bedside or speaking out for the rights of all Americans to be able to do what Barack and I did and marry the love of our lives as President, my husband has stood strong for the basic values of freedom, justice and equality that make this country great.  And he always will.”

We adore you, Mrs. Obama!

And then there’s gay rights activist and son of two loving mothers, Zach Wahls, did what he does best and spoke from the heart, giving a very moving speech about equality and gay marriage.

It’s so great that there are so many positive things happening for us and so many people speaking out for equality… And then there’s THIS sick shit. Honestly, what is this world coming to? Why is gay marriage STILL an issue? Just ridiculous. It truly frightens us that people still think like this. 

Here’s something kinda fun to wash the previous nastiness out of your mouth: New Zealand is trying to take the first step towards legalizing gay marriage! Here’s a billboard in support of that effort.

And to close, thanks to, here are gay soap characters throughout the years! Just things are fun!

And this just in! “Glee” season 4 premieres in one week, people! (Ya know…just in cast you weren’t aware.) Can you believe it?? Brittana is back! Naya got the Brittana fandom’s hearts racing when she tweeted this pic!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why We Love Pop Star Emii

If you’re not familiar with rising pop singer, Emii, by the time this post is over, we’ll have converted you into a fan. Even if you’re not a fan of pop music. Doesn’t matter. Wanna know why? Here we go…

First of all, let me start off by saying that I (Anna) am not really a fan of pop music. I like some of it, but it doesn’t really make its way into my rotation very often.  So when I came across Emii’s music, I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked it. The first song of hers that I heard was “Stilettos” and at first, I honestly thought it was just really vapid and one-note and then I realized…that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be. It’s a song about shoes. Of course it’s going to come off as cheesy and shallow. In fact, when I asked her what her inspiration for writing “Stilettos” was, she answered, “Shoes.”  So…there ya go. And furthermore, when I asked her inspiration for “Mr. Romeo” she answered, “Sex.” Can’t argue with that. And the more I listened to it, the more I loved it!

But there’s much more to Emii than shoes, sex and clever one-word answers. Based on other songs I’ve heard from her, she’s got incredible song-writing prowess and has an amazing voice. And the best part? She absolutely refuses to use auto-tune for anything. Her voice is au naturale, which I'm sure surprises a lot of people because she's pitch-perfect. And while she may have a HUGE following in Europe, particularly Lebanon, she’s gaining legions of fans in the states. I’m sure her article in the September 2012 Penthouse may have helped that along. Sadly, she appears fully clothed. But it’s a great read and you get some insight into who she really is. For example, she’s a not-so-closeted nerd! When asked about her fangirling/geeky side, she had this to say:

“Comic books - I’m a huge Marvel fan. I’m a huge science fiction fan. I grew up addicted to ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek.’ I love costuming and dressing up. For a show in Beirut, I wore a Han Solo replica belt on stage in front of 25,000 people. And they all thought it was cool.” She also frequents Comicon!

Emii, geeking out at Comicon.

Not only is she a sexy geek, but she’s also an absolute sweetheart and 100% approachable. Are you mad crushing on her yet? Just wait…there’s more. Not only does she take multiple dance classes and works out on the daily, she also has crazy martial arts skills and puts them to use in her videos.

Wanna hear something else that's pretty fucking cool about her? When asked about her sexual orientation, she replied:  “If we have to put a label on my sexuality as it stands, I honestly believe I would be more accurately define it as pansexual. It is entirely irrelevant to me what gender someone is. For me personally, falling in love is purely dependent on the quality and personality of the individual so I’m open to falling for the right person for me, whatever that may be. But regardless, I believe it is our fundamental right as human beings to love who we love. I think it is a crime against humanity to chastise people for their personal decision when those decisions have no ill-effect on society.”

Behind the scenes of her Inked Magazine shoot.
What an incredibly honest and well-put answer. And it gives us all some hope! It also helps that of her many, many songs, my favorite song of hers is an unreleased one about a guy who approaches her to have a threesome with another woman and she ends up falling for the woman! Genius! Hopefully that one gets released at some point.

Emii’s building a lot of momentum and has got a lot on the horizon, including a new album coming out. Expect another write-up about her when the album is released. In the meantime, enjoy some music by Emii!

So...are you a fan yet?

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